Cross-Platform Application Development Made Simple!

Target multiple platforms at once

What is Objectwheel?

Objectwheel is an IDE that allows you to develop cross-platform applications in a drag-and-drop fashion. It is based on QML and JavaScript. It doesn't require 3rd-party tools or SDKs. Application packages built on our cloud servers, no hassle left to the user. Download Objectwheel and start developing apps right away.


Design Easily

With Objectwheel's easy to use interface you can build beautiful apps in minutes.

Code Easily

Objectwheel comes with an integrated code editor. It supports syntax-highlighting for both QML and JavaScript. It also supports automatic code completion. You can fine-tune your UI with QML and build your application logic with JavaScript within the code editor.

Deploy Everywhere

With Objectwheel you don't need to make separate apps for each platform. Design once, code once and deploy everywhere with the same look and feel, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and embedded devices.

Built-in API Documentation

Objectwheel comes with a ton of ready-to-use QML and JavaScript libraries, just import the library and use the tool you want. Therefore we included a ton of offline api documents for those tools and libraries and you can easily search for types, functions and many other things within the documents. All the documents are beautifully written in plain English with explanations and example codes.

Cloud Builds

With Objectwheel you don't need to bear all the hassles of building application executables. All the building process is handled by our cloud servers with one click. Platform executables are one click away. Objectwheel does not depend on a 3rd-party tool either. So, no SDK, NDK, JDK, Xcode or whatever required. Just download Objectwheel and start developing beautiful applications and easily get ready-to-publish executables.


Objectwheel comes with a bunch of ready-to-use themes. You can easily switch between themes in a blink of an eye.

Native Performance

Although applications are written in JavaScript and QML, the final executable of Objectwheel is not going to be running in a browser/sandbox environment; it is going to be running directly on the OS and be interpreted by a special engine. Therefore applications made in Objectwheel runs almost as fast as a native app.

Asset Management

All the assets are easily accessible from the designer window and all those assets are bundled with the application executable without you doing any extra settings. Drag-and-drop your tools, files, media and use them in the designer or code editor, that's it!

Live Device Debugging

Objectwheel enables you to see your application on a real device in real time. It comes with a Live Device Debugger that is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. You don't need to enable weird developer settings on your phone, you don't need to have a paid Google or Apple developer program or you don't need a usb cable just for testing your app on your devices. Objectwheel debugging works over WiFi. You are not required to do any special setting, just download the app and it works.